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Yes, tha The social media giant tried to defend itself, saying that the database was only available internally, to Facebook employees, but the fact remained that basic carelessness had put It sounds delicious and you can buy it. The problem with Leopard and Quark 6.

But we still have a lot of G5s, so I not wholeheartedly happy. I have a most-infuriating problem with Quark 6. Attempting to open a second Quark page crashes the program. LBC Dec I have the opposite experience. We have Quark 6. With Tiger we can only open one file at a time, we get a warning that the file is already open if we try to open many files. But with Leopard we can open many files at a time. If we have the files locally we can open many files at a time with both Tiger and Leopard. We had issue of double copy when double-clicking a Quark 6.

The only way to open correctly, is to drag file to Quark icon. Of course this works good on Macs. Not entirely sure on Windows units. I suppose if one has an alias on Desktop, this should work also. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Jay Nelson. Aliens in QuarkXPress. January 19, at am. January 19, at pm.

Thanks for your input, Bhaskar. February 17, at am. February 18, at pm. April 15, at am. April 15, at pm. April 28, at pm. May 14, at am. May 14, at pm.

June 4, at pm. June 5, at am. Hey, great workaround! Thanks for sharing it. Are we having fun yet? June 22, at pm. July 24, at pm.

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August 11, at am. August 12, at am. September 3, at pm. Conversely, the creator of a Shared Layout can stop sharing it. At that time, any Project that has linked to it will stop receiving updated versions but can successfully output the last version received. With all these bits and pieces of Projects hanging around, larger organizations may find it difficult to keep track of everything. To solve this problem, Quark has partnered with Canto , long-time developers of the popular asset manager Cumulus.

The magazine sends you its Quark Job Jackets file, and you create a new Project from it. Your Project now has all the specifications that the magazine requires for successful output: file size, bleed, number of inks, resolution, and a thousand other possible issues. But for now, all that matters to you is that your ad is the correct size, you know how many colors to use, and — get this — you can accurately view an on-screen proof of how the ad will print. In this example, nothing is forced on you except the ad size. If you decide to ignore the Project requirements, you can.

Evaluation can also be set to occur automatically during open, close, save, or output of the Layout. The Evaluation report flags all errors, takes you to the offending item on the page, and provides instructions on how to fix it. Throughout the design process, you can see every color exactly as it will print. The Quark Job Jackets system allows for interesting industry-wide possibilities, one of which is already in the works.

For 87 years, ad agencies have relied on a publication and database from SRDS to provide ad specifications for almost 10, newspapers and magazines. That way, people with expertise are plugging in that knowledge where it makes the biggest impact. Printers provide output specifications and profiles; production managers can choose or change print providers; art directors can provide style sheets and other assets. Whenever a change is made, designers are immediately aware of it and Projects based on the Job Jackets are automatically updated.

No more wasting time working with the wrong specifications. Quark Job Jackets are a boon for anyone using Composition Zones and Shared Layouts — how could several people work on the same document without some sort of behind-the-scenes communication about what the Project requires? Output The XPress 7 Print Dialog is rearranged and improved, with categories in a column on the left and options in a window on the right, rather than the tabbed interface in previous versions.

Here are a few of my favorite improvements:. Transparency Flattening. You can choose a resolution, in DPI, for XPress to use when compositing items that overlap if one or more of them have transparency applied Figure Font Downloading. Print Styles. You can now create and save a Print Output Style directly from within the Print dialog box. Other Output Styles. Instead, Quark promises that these Output Styles will be available for free download at the Quark Web site no later than May 9. Leaving PDF presets out of version 6 created problems for many designers. Not immediately including them in version 7 could cause some users to swear off outputting PDFs from XPress.

EPS Export. Exporting to EPS has also been improved Figure RGB workflow. If, as many experts recommend, you maintain your page items in the RGB color space until final output, you will be happy to know that XPress 7 now correctly displays, color manages, and outputs RGB content along with CMYK content. Legacy print jobs. Speed In my months of working with the XPress 7 beta on a 1. XPress 7 always felt much snappier. The shipping version still does. Creating a new document is instantaneous, printing is fast, and outputting a simple PDF takes just a few seconds.

But when I performed a limited, clocked speed test, I was puzzled and mildly disappointed. In a side-by-side comparison between XPress 6. They also said that the slower PDF export was caused by multiple items with transparency. Unlike InDesign, XPress 7 optimizes flattening when vector items touch transparent items — which is a good thing. I have not used XPress 7 on an Intel Mac.

If so, this would confirm my guess that Quark approached XPress 7 the same way that Adobe originally engineered InDesign: They sacrificed speed on existing computers to optimize it for near-future computers. Backward Compatibility As with previous versions of XPress, version 7 lets you save your project down one level, to version 6. The XPress box contains a page printed guide that explains how to use all the new features, along with a page quick-start guide that briefly explains what each feature is, where it is, and how to use it.

The box also includes two training videos one 40 minutes, one 80 minutes on CD that show you how to use each new feature. Those videos come from lynda. Including these training materials is a welcome return-to-form for Quark, who had been roundly criticized for not providing printed manuals with recent releases.

To make the manuals even handier to use, the installer also places PDF versions of them inside the XPress folder. In addition to these resources, Quark also has brief training videos on its Web site and free technical support by phone, in English. Overall Impressions On the design feature front, Quark has caught up with InDesign in many areas OpenType, colored layers , and surpassed it in others Photoshop support, transparency, drop shadows. However, QuarkXPress 7 still lacks many of InDesign niceties multi-line composer, print preview, a color sampler tool.

On the workflow front, Quark beats InDesign hands down. This upgrade is about Quark keeping its existing users happy enough to upgrade to a new version of QuarkXPress. Its new design features let QuarkXPress 7 users create pages that are difficult or impossible to produce in InDesign. Its new output features, including Job Jackets, make it far, far easier to successfully output jobs the first time.

It may even bring some of the bigger publishers back to the Quark fold. Jay also leaves out a huge number of problem areas.

QuarkXPress released | Macworld

For example, you STILL cannot Undo a huge number of things, including moving guides, deleting pages, making changes to master pages, and so on. But the idea that any InDesign user would find QX attractive is neigh-on ludicrous. QuarkXPress 7 demos great, is clearly a major step forward, has a few very good features, but its performance problems, underlying structural issues, and for many important features, such as composition zones incomprehensible UI tells me that Quark shipped v7 too early.

For the first time since the release of 4. I agree with the enthusiasm about the picture effects, transparency and composition zones. As for the speed issues. I tested early versions on However, after intalling it my Mhz iBook and I am somewhat disappointed in the Ouput Styles implementation. I seems like a 0.

I like the idea of composition zones but I am yet to fully comprehend the actual usage. However, as an XTension developer, I found the enhancements exciting and worthy of quick upgrade.

Overall, I think Jay covered the good points with good accuracy. He also demonstarted how these new features can improve your printed page. One would expect Mr. So take the last slow train to Clarksville if you want but when the free update to Universal Binary comes out in July or so…not to mention whatever enhancements are going to get mixed in, this Quark scramjet is taking off for a Revolution. We can all afford to wait a few more seconds for better, trouble-free flattening while we compound thousands of hours of saved time with collaborative workflow easy as iChat and synchronized layouts dancing in tandem to the beat of a Job Jacket.

We can also cut back on the cross-screen mileage mouselage by getting 11 InDesign palettes into 1 Quark Measurement palette. Light at the end of the carpal tunnel! As I said in my creativepro. However, there is something that the Quark people are saying about their transparency applied to text that is incorrect. Quark Inc. While I agree it can be confusing hence my career as a trainer , the setting to control transparency by rasterization only as found in XP 7 , is not the answer.

Here are the results of some of my tests that show a real problem with XP text under an opacity setting. If text is below a solid vector shape that has an opacity setting applied, it is hoped that the output to PDF will still be text. In InDesign, this is indeed the case. In InDesign the conversion of text with transparency maintains the text as text if the proper settings have been set in the Transparency Flattener.

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In XP 7, however, the conversion of text with opacity above it will convert the text into a raster image with a clipping path outlining the text. This does, as Jay said, maintain the crisp PostScript edges. But it does NOT ensure the proper output of the text. This situation can cause a word that was supposed to be only a different color to suddenly appear bolder or thicker than the text around it. Give David and Jay a break. They make their living by teaching software.

It is no surprise that either of them have interest in promoting their knowledge and their publications here. While Jay properly notes both pros and cons of QuarkXPress 7, no one can possibly examine software fully in a single article. A visit to the support forums of your favorite page layout software will reveal the issues missed in these reviews. The new features of QuarkXPress 7 are certainly welcome but one would have to be a fool to buy any software simply based on a single review.

Try the demo when it is available and see if it works in your own environment. Well, one could say the same about InDesign. It did take me some time to remember where to go to access the various controls for Composition Zones and Job Jackets. But these are the two Big, New Concepts that Quark is introducing. And I actually admired Quark for boiling down that degree of control to the logical places that it did.

Ditto with Transparency and Drop Shadows. Thanks, David, for taking the time to weigh in with your thoughts. I feel the need to clarify a few of your complaints. Considering the time saved in other ways in QuarkXPress, losing a few seconds on a one-time text import seems practically irrelevent. And while one is likely to export a PDF several times, again, a minute lost is nothing compared to the time saved by using QuarkXPress to layout the pages.

Also, these times are on a PowerPC Mac.

QuarkXPress Updater

Did I say that? Whether they switch back or not is a big question, since it would require that an executive be brave or crazy enough to admit that they made a very expensive mistake. Innovation by strong competitors in the page layout space is great news for all users as well as those of us who make our living in the third party publishing ecosystem. If Quark had just tried to play catch-up, we would have all lost.

Converting Quark to InDesign

I agree and am happy to see that we are looking at two major players in the page layout space for many, many years to come. While InDesign continues to attract a lot of users, I think even died in the wool InDesign loyalists might admit that the upgrade from CS1 to CS2 was not nearly as groundbreaking as this QuarkXpress 7 release. In a perfect world, republicans would not hire pseudo-scientists to tell us that global warming is a farce and not important, and Adobe would not pay Blatner goobs of cash to spin FUD against QuarkXPress and herald InDesgin as champion….

As a year veteran of technology in publishing, I can honestly say I have never heard a louder utterance of specious heckling then what spews from the gums of Blatner…. You see, I have talked to DB before, sat in various training rooms and media rooms at tradeshows and listened to him sound off; and here in my first response after many months of listening to this jackal — have come to the conclusion he is not truly interested in objectively comparing the tools we use — he is only interested in getting paid. And as such, a disgrace as a representative to the journalistic community.

Why do I say this? Further, the man knows nothing about XPress — as do many so-called experts I talk to that advocate InDesign. I ponder now that XPress is about 18 months ahead of InDesign with regards to modern code base, XCode compiling and the Universal Binary availability, and full open industry standards implementations, I wonder what other ridiculous crank will be forced upon us by the InDesign community.

quarkxpress 6.5 free download for mac Quarkxpress 6.5 free download for mac
quarkxpress 6.5 free download for mac Quarkxpress 6.5 free download for mac
quarkxpress 6.5 free download for mac Quarkxpress 6.5 free download for mac
quarkxpress 6.5 free download for mac Quarkxpress 6.5 free download for mac
quarkxpress 6.5 free download for mac Quarkxpress 6.5 free download for mac
quarkxpress 6.5 free download for mac Quarkxpress 6.5 free download for mac
quarkxpress 6.5 free download for mac Quarkxpress 6.5 free download for mac

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