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NASB is under work and will be sold commercially by the Lockman publishing company. Most other copyright holders, including the publisher of the NIV, have not been interested in publishing their material in our format even when they could get money out of it. Strange world, isn't it? Some people recommend using a couple of good modern freely available translations instead.

The ESV is a word-for-word "essentially literal" translation which continues the KJV legacy but is based on modern textual criticism. It is freely downloadable from our repositories. The NET uses a more dynamic equivalence principle and is downloadable from bible. This text is nearly unreadable. For an example of it, see KJV What we have is the version, that is the basis of today's printed versions, and that most people wrongly call the original.

Como INSTALAR a bíblia theWord no MAC

It was removed because it was not what it claimed to be and had errors. Negotiations are underway to provide another translation.

NASB Bibles by the case with quantity discounts, so you save.

You can find more information by using Google with "site:crosswire. Here is a quote from our forum discussions: " It's a corrupted copyrighted text, probably renamed to hide its source. I have checked the "Jo Ferreira de Almeida Atualizada" text against a number of Portuguese translations both in print and in electronic editions. It is clearly derivative of copyrighted texts but I have not found any text by that title to exist.

You don't have to take my word for it, but you will be wasting your time if you don't. NET Bible Second Edition e-Sword Module (Premium version)

The reason is technical, not theological. Work is currently underway to support a broader canon. While our software can be freely redistributed, many modules have been licensed to Crosswire for distribution. To use those modules, you will need to obtain permission for yourself. But, if you really need the text, each module has a conf file which will tell you about the origin of the text.

Please obtain the source the same way we did. You may not convert the modules that have been licensed to CrossWire for distribution. The KJV module is the only one for which we maintain the source, which you can obtain here.

By that, we mean that we neither encourage you or others to convert material from other software because it may violate licensing or copyright restrictions. Nor can we provide any assistance to those who choose to convert such material. You should contact the module vendor for help in this matter. For a while, there was a bug in the configuration file mods.

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You can download and re-install the latest version but you will lose any personal notes you have made. No, we cannot send you free Bibles or other literature. Even though you may have read on other sites that we are able to help you get free material, that is not true. There is no money involved in our work and we handle only electronic material. All our products are freely downloadable on our web site or their own web sites and that is all we do.

We have been blessed already by the donation of those resources which we do use. If you feel the need to donate to ministries outside your local church, you might consider Compassion International , Habitat for Humanity , or Wycliffe Bible Translators.

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As our project does not solicit or accept donations and does not itself produce any profit, we do not have monetary or other resources to offer to other ministries either besides downloadable resources. You may link to our website, including to our BibleTool. However, we do not do link exchanges.

Our software is designed from ground up to be multiplatform. You will be able to use the same modules on practically all commonly used computers and operating systems. You can run it on many mobile gadgets, you can run it as web applications. This has changed and there are some plans for iPhone software. Currently, the planned front end is exactly that, planned. When coding is underway, you still won't be able to run the program directly on your iPhone without going through the AppStore, unless you pay the money for the Apple developers' program.

However, once a version is running reasonably well in the Apple simulation software, it will be released, free of charge, to the AppStore. Check back here for updated information, as it comes available, and as the implementation of the program gets underway. You can copy it anywhere as it is and run the program from there. You can even move the folder from one computer to another or to a networked drive. There are many products related to CrossWire.

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The most common is The Sword Project for Windows. It's extremely difficult to answer a question such as "I'm trying to open a Bible but it doesn't work" if we don't even know which application you are using. It also helps if you attach as much exact information about your problem as possible, for example, "After I have opened the program I select action A from the menu and click button B, but it does nothing".

NOT something like "I can't do C". Many problems are due to outdated software or text modules. Please check first which version you are running. Notice also your operating system and version. You can also just delete the folder and possible menu entries. You need to install a Unicode font with the full range of characters used in the module you are trying to read. Please email sword-bugs crosswire. Please try to provide as much information as possible when filing a bug report: Tell us which version of Sword you are using, your operating system, what you were trying to do, what you expected to happen, what happened, how to reproduce the bug, etc.

Yes, it would be nice, but this is a volunteer based project, and we do this in our free time. Help if you can and give feedback. I tried everything. The tab shows up but it blank.

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Have a look at the file extension and if it isn't or doesn't have. If it has a zip extension, then it will need to be extracted into your e-Sword folder. This download though we can use it, but to access the notes you will have to purchase the full one from www. Free is not always free, if there are strings attached.

And this is the worlds system and never should be found in Christian circles. If you can afford this download it is probably worth the cost though. This "tranlsation" is nothing but a perversion of God's Word. Adding and subtracting text. See comparative of Revelation ; Mark , It's intent is obviously, by the examples above, to mislead and deceive. Bible Sleuth , Bing 1 , rock19 mymts. Community Forum Software by IP.

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Board Licensed to: BibleSupport. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Submitter 2guntom View other files from this member. Support BibleSupport. How do I view e-Sword Modules? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Bradley S. If this version is different from the free one, than we should not be hosting this file. If it is the free one, it's an official e-Sword resource. Bill Strebler.

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mac net bible with notes sword module Mac net bible with notes sword module
mac net bible with notes sword module Mac net bible with notes sword module
mac net bible with notes sword module Mac net bible with notes sword module
mac net bible with notes sword module Mac net bible with notes sword module
mac net bible with notes sword module Mac net bible with notes sword module
mac net bible with notes sword module Mac net bible with notes sword module
mac net bible with notes sword module Mac net bible with notes sword module

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