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But thats not the issue at hande here. C View Profile View Posts. Windows XP and DirectX 9 are not supported. Does not require a Games For Windows Live account.

Only vavle would do something like that. Maybe I'll go call Valve now Originally posted by Rayquazix :.

Just Cause 2

Originally posted by TheSegaNerd :. Should have read the available OS' that it works for.

Have you tried installing windows on your mac? Than you can run every game on steam. I dont own a copy of windows. Originally posted by UnFazeablE :.

Just Cause 2™ gameplay HD #1

Originally posted by uploadsforyou64 :. Blue View Profile View Posts. Yah there is this program, its called get a PC. Macs are way underpowered. Originally posted by The Boy In Blue :. For the record, it's really easy to dual boot a mac with boot camp. Grab a Windows 10 iso you can run windows unactivated for free and install using boot camp assistant.

Last edited by aquaman ; 29 Dec, pm. Originally posted by aquaman :. Originally posted by airmikee99 :. Just Cause 2's hero, on the other hand, is a hero who often feels like a crook. And that gets to the very heart of this particular game's greatness. Just Cause 2 is the game where you can tie two objects together. When I first saw it, back in a demo theatre in London many years ago, that was all I could focus on. And it is great, too, this tying-stuff-together business. You can tie an enemy to a gas cannister and puncture it, sending man and cannister into orbit.

You can tie a car to a helicopter and use it to knock down trees. You can tie pursuing vehicles to the bridges they pass over as they chase you, creating some memorably dynamic pile-ups. But tying two things together is actually the second best thing about Just Cause 2. The best thing is the Chaos system. This is an open-world game set in a brutal dictatorship, and that means you have carte blanche, as Rico Rodriguez, a secret agent blown in from out of town, to undermine the dictator in question whenever you get the opportunity.

That means trashing his stuff wherever you find it, and a progression system that unlocks new events based on how much damage you've done. And that? That means a sandbox in which you're a vandal rather than a hero: Just Cause 2 is one of the few modern video games in which the player isn't comically miscast. And it's a video game world that is just itching to be smashed to pieces.

Just Cause 2 has a lengthy campaign, with imaginative mission design and a cast of colourful-- well, the mission design is good anyway. I haven't actually played any of these missions in years, mind. The way I play Just Cause 2 these days doesn't really require the intrusion of objectives, or cut-scenes, or any of that jazz. Know what else it doesn't require? Roads snake all over the state of Panau, and if you set polite waypoints and stick to the tarmac, you'll realise that this is an uncommonly large sandbox in which getting anywhere takes a real investment of time.

The point of all this, of course, is that the game is trying to get you to think beyond roads.

About This Game

Drive like a vandal! Faced with a back-and forth hairpin, neatly stacked down the side of a pretty mountain, the correct response is actually to drive straight across it, leaping from bend to bend to bend until you've hit the bottom of the valley and are bouncing your way up the other side. The road itself should be a cameo appearance, or a series of cameos, as pedestrians scatter and fencing is splintered.

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This approach cuts down travelling time and also provides loads of decent army vehicles to hijack as you race along, kiting law enforcement. It also lets you drop in, unexpectedly - particularly unexpectedly to you!

Tell you what, why bother with driving at all? Allow me to let you in on a terrible Just Cause 2 addiction I have, to a snub-nosed single-seater jetplane called the Pell Silverbolt 6. I love these things. I spawn them every few minutes, and then discard them like old drinks cartons, reaching for another moments later when the mood takes me. And the mood always takes me. The sense of thrust is completely energising: the Silverbolt 6 needs almost no runway before you're up in the air, and then you can chase clouds, thread between the passing spars of a bridge, and zoom in low over the water.

It also looks the part, like a Groom Lake deniable asset, dark and strange and probably designed by the Horten Brothers. The worst thing about the Pell Silverbolt 6 is that it doesn't have a gun on it. The best thing about the Pell Silverbolt 6, however, is that it doesn't have a gun on it.

Does JC2-MP have cross-platform support (specifically PC to Mac)

That means that when you're strapped in and soaring through the skies, you have no reticule to distract you, no possible extrinsic reward you could - and therefore should - be netting. You're free! Free to be a tourist and to gawp at one of the most beautiful video game worlds ever created: sunset beaches, frosty mountains hedged with secret military installations, jungles and archipelagos, one of whose islands houses, apparently, a nod to the TV show Lost. Still, chaos is never far away in Just Cause 2.

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