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Apps For You. Macs Fan Control. Macs Fan Control 1. Monitor and control your computer's fans. Overview Macs Fan Control allows you to monitor and control almost any aspect of your computer's fans, with support for controlling fan speed, temperature sensors pane, menu-bar icon, and autostart with system option. Software solution to noise problems such as those caused by iMac HDD replacement, or overheating problems like those found on a MacBook Pro Set any constant value to any fan e.

Version 1. Macs Fan Control Screenshots. Rate this app:.

Post review. Most helpful. Saved my inch MacBook Pro! The app lets you monitor the temperature of all sensors MBP 6. The app allowed me to discover that the GPU diode temp sensor was only working intermittently, which likely explains why the SMC stopped controlling the fans. Now I can control each fan independently with a working sensor of your choosing or set them manually.

The app also lets you revert to auto mode, which returns control to the SMC, which is of no use in my case. Like 6. I Love control the fans on my MacbookPro and Imac!!! Great App for maintain the system cool and quiet!!! From the '11 model forward Apple uses custom firmware within the HD to allow the internal thermal sensor note: not all drives have this sensor to be used as part of its SMC services which in turn controls the RPM's of the fan or fans of the system.

If you try using an older non-compliant drive the fans will ramp up as SMC services will think the sensor within the HD is defective. Over time the fans will wear out and the system will be very noisy compared to what it should sound like. While it took quite a bit of time Apple was able to get the group to alter the standard so the thermal sensor with in the HD could be accessed in a common method and not interfere with the performance the the drive which was why Apple needed to go with custom firmware at the beginning. If you look at the HD's package you should see an Apple logo on it which is the only clue that I know of.

The reason you don't see anything other than that is the drive vendors still have a lot of noncompliant drives out there and they have also being going though a bit of a market collapse and contraction being more focused on survival. I also suspect Apple may also be asking for a bit of money for the drives they certify as workable. Hey Dan, I have the iMac and just faced this issue so thats why its on my mind. Also the newest models are less likely to have fan issues.

I am interested in knowing what drives might work without the need for the cable. I've not heard this before and was under the impression only an Apple drive with special firmware for the mid models was required. Ive not read anything indicating any off the shelf standard drive would work.

Svante Wahlqvist. Check if there are layers of dust on the blades or in the housing of the fans.

Buy a can of pressured air and blow off the grit. Be careful to hold fragile components in place so they dont break, e.

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The models used a special cable to gain access to the manufactures testing sensor. In the Apple was able to alter the drives they bought to have the sensor directly accessed though an unused pair of wires in the SATA cable harness.

iMac HDD Fan Control Alternatives

If the sensor cable or non-Apple HD in the model is not used SMC goes into fail safe ramping up the fans to offset the possibility of over heating. In the iMacs I have worked on there is a temp sensor cable that runs from the hard drive to the logicboard. You are right that the hard drive itself does not have a fan but if the iMacs use a specific kind of hard drive and there is a thin cable that runs from the hard drive to the logicboard that is called a hard drive temp sensor cable.

If that cable is missing it will cause the fan to run at high speeds. I learned about this while working at an apple store. Look it up. The and there models now use the built-in sensor either via a custom cable per the given drive or in the case of the models Apples custom HDD's.


I believe the fan began running full throttle because it did not know how to process the temperature readings of the new drive etc. Parenthetically- I am not that tech savvy but I do not recall seeing or detaching a temp sensor or wire. Using the hardware method is much better!

We have found the software methods are not as good and if the settings mis set can either wear out the fan's or damage the logic board. That is true. The software from the website above is fantastic. The iMac went completely quiet. You can set the temperature and speed of the fan as well. I strongly recommend it.

After installing 2TB toshiba drive i got same problem. I solved it with 'Macs Fan Control'. Get fun.

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Any software solution that defeats the thermal controls the system has can effect your lifespan of your system or cause other odd effects. The best approach on these systems is to use drives who's firmware works with the internal sensor correctly an OEM Apple drive or use a external sensor that intercepts the signal which is the solution I prefer so I can use any drive OWC In-line Digital Thermal Sensor for iMac Hard Drive Upgrade. There is a cable coming from the motherboard to the back of the screen that splits in two to the left of the ribbon cable, I guess the ambiance thermal monitor is there, it is cover with some tape, if the top plug unplugs the fan goes full speed it is very easy to do by tilting the screen ,and not notice it, remove the tape very careful end re-plug the top plug and problem is solved.

Thank you Dan. I was going to purchase Apple brand harddrive used in Imacs. And then, I was going to install this hard drive in my Imac as a remedy. The harddrive you suggest, does it have to be a SSHD? William Ferguson wmferguson. I have this issue on my 27 inch iMac.

HDD Fan Control – 2.5 [Intel-Crack]

First showed up after a trip overseas and it was well packed in an airport "rock band" style case. Apple store in Spain could not resolve it. Did you replace the hard drive at some point? Fan's also do wearout. Pol Obresleann.

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Reset SMC. Worked for me on iMac I've seen this problem before and it was because the hard drive was replaced with a different brand but the hard drive sensor cable was not changed. Different brands use different temp sensor cables. That might be the problem. This model iMac doesn't have the sensor cable, there is no real work around aside from running software to control the fans' speed.

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