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Some things must be in caps, others in mixed case. To make matters worse, different production companies have their own variations on the theme, and even within one organization — like the BBC, for example — the format used for minute sitcoms is totally different to the one used for one-hour dramas. Final Draft aims to almost completely automate the formatting of a screenplay.

You focus on the words, and let the software take care of the rest. The first thing you need to do is choose your template. This will ensure that the software uses the right formatting for your target audience. You can see the element the app is expecting you to write from the drop-down menu at the bottom.

Review: Final Draft 10, the Mac app that aims to make light work of screenplay writing - 9to5Mac

To select a different element — for example, a description of action, you can select it from the drop-down. But as you can see bottom-left in the screengrab above, the software prompts you to use an easier method: The app continues to anticipate elements as you write.

For example, when you select Character to type the name of a character, that will normally be followed by the dialog spoken by that character — so when you hit return after typing a name, the dialog element is automatically selected. So a single tab takes you from Dialog to Parenthetical. Final Draft also remembers the names of your characters.

Print your index cards directly on 3x5 or 4x6 cards for use in the "traditional" way, if you want to visualize and organize scenes outside of the application.

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Double-clicking on a card in split-panel view will automatically sync the scene selected with your script page. Final Draft offers several ways to manipulate the page count, if necessary: Final Draft is my Ferrari.

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Star Trek, Mission: Click here to submit your proof of enrollment or call Screenwriting Pro Software - Online screenwriting software that's always ready for action Screenwriters University Classes - Online writing courses for screenwriting Script Magazine - Your connection to screenwriting success Affiliate Program - Place links on your site and earn commissions.

All rights reserved. The use of this website signifies your agreement to the Terms of Use. Final Draft 11 At a Glance Screenwriting software for all forms of script-writing, including screenplays, TV scripts, and stage plays Transforms your words into screenplay format as you type Contains professional tools to help you learn how to write a screenplay.

Character Highlighting Planning a table read of your screenplay? Colored Revised Pages Final Draft is going green, giving you the ability to distribute your script electronically with the colored revised production pages.

Final Draft 11

Watermarking in Printing or PDF Protect your script by identifying the recipient via a customizable watermark that displays in PDF and on the printed pages. Spell Checking Checking your work has never been easier - SmartType list words are automatically integrated in the spell-checker, which features more than new words. Windows Enhancements The Final Draft 11 user has the option to select the Windows ribbon look, with special buttons, backgrounds, and menus, or enjoy the same experience they've come to love by switching back to Classic mode.

Tab and Enter Functions You can install and start using Final Draft in minutes due to the easy-to-use Tab and Enter functionality, which formats the script's elements to Industry standards. Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts If you prefer keyboard shortcuts and macros you're already used to, Final Draft allows you to customize your workflow for your writing needs.

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  • The Simplest Way to Write a Movie?
  • Your Next Great Production Starts Here!
  • Final Draft Courier Font Production companies and studios need consistent page counts when they're budgeting a script. Templates In addition to the standard templates that are included in the software package, the Final Draft Template Library is updated regularly and allows registered users to download over classic and current television shows, screenplay, stage play, and graphic novel templates. Format Assistant This writing tool checks your script for common formatting errors, such as missing dialogue, extra spaces, carriage returns, and blank elements.

    Text to Speech Have Final Draft read your script read back to you. The Panels System Like most writers, you probably need to keep a lot of ideas at the front of your mind while you're writing. Writing Management Track the progress of your writing goals with the Statistics report, which checks how much content you've completed in a writing session.

    Remember Workspace If you're working with multiple drafts, it's important to make sure you're editing the correct one. Scene View Scene View gives you a high-altitude look at your script so you can move scenes around to further refine your story. Index Cards Final Draft has double-sided cards that display the script's scene on one side and the summary on the other. Page Count Management Final Draft offers several ways to manipulate the page count, if necessary: Return Policy Your satisfaction is our top priority. Add to Cart. From writing a script to tracking production costs, this software is ideal for filming either a solo project or full shoot with staff.

    Celtx Script offers a tiered pricing option so you can try it free at first and buy more features as necessary. The program is described as a blueprint for your videos, a very apt description.

    How to Write Script for Mac OS X : Working on a Mac

    The basic features revolve around the script writing aspect of movie project, offering a lot of little tools to make life easier. The planning phase is supported by tools to turn your script into a shot list, a very useful visual reference which lets you plan the logistics of a shoot.

    You can then schedule dates and locations. When shooting you have the power to create call sheets to organize your crew, plus you can revise scripts on the fly to reduce retakes. Lastly, on set the software can be used on a mobile device, synced with your project. Made to make work easier.

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    A great deal of thought has gone into Celtx Script, not just in adding features but how those features are implemented. You can even add nodes and media to the script. Even the mobile version has access to a ton of tools, such as creating storyboards and lighting setups. Put simply it does not hold your hand, but can help you get a lot more done.

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