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I see the groundwork to something really useful and with a lot of potential. I will check this out asap. And also great that you publish early stages. Easier to follow.

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Just checked with the binary. Would love to be able to use it in some of my scripts. Would be great to see it used with your scripts! What have you been smoking Ilia?!?! You literally brought me back from the dead, no joke.

Code: [Select]. This also gives me a idea , since you can decode mlv i was thinking of a plugin for FCPX Something along the lines of a RED RD3 file , which was it's own raw engine for basic adjustment like your app with different color space profiles e. Really the big problem is importing the image sequences , need same kind of data base server to tell fcpx there is " " number of frames like compressor or A.

Keep up the good work Ilia Hi Ilia Really like the image quality you already achieved. Regarding white balance calculations and color matrices dng.

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Regarding white balance there is matrice conversion code in ufraw which dmilligan wisely put to use in MLVFS. It works very reliable. In dng. Code also respects canon other white balance modes and also from when manually setting white balance from cam.

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The only mode left out actually is awb auto white balance. Oh well. Maybe ufraw stuff could be of use DeafEyeJedi yay! Also it's unlikely a gpu bug, as the whole app uses just the cpu except whatever macos does to show the window.

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I get all the same errors in the terminal too. I already tried using the matrices from dng.

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Going through your mlv sources and see you already had the matrices there. Something like Code: [Select]. Hi, great job! For me your app works pretty good! I also own a 5D2 and the developped images are looking very well. QT makes it cross platform. The window init seems to work without crash in the same way as you do, but the open MLV functions crashes as described.

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123 video magic mac free download 123 video magic mac free download
123 video magic mac free download 123 video magic mac free download
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